• Landes has become a member of the NAG, the Dutch association of suppliers to the aerospace industry

    The NAG is the trade association for national and international organisations established in the Netherlands and active ...
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  • Landes in Chamber of Commerce publication ‘Trendjournaal’

    ‘Production-automation in medium sized enterprises’
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  • Landes wins large contract for manufacturing of Airbus A350-doorsystems

    (press release December 2014) “Landes wins large contract for manufacturing of Airbus A350-doorsystems” Landes High ...
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  • Landes invests in two fully automated Production Cells

    Landes invests in two fully automated Production Cells consisting of a 5-axis Hermle machining centre and a 3-axis DMG m...
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  • Landes continues the contracts for the supply of Airbus A350 components for a period of 3 years!

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  • Landes invests in a Nakamura-Tome WT150II multi-tasking turning machine

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  • Dutch Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert visits Landes

    (press release Februari 2015) “Defence Minister Mrs. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Lower House Member Henk Nijboer vi...
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  • Precision Fair 2019 – Veldhoven

    “The meeting point for international Precision Technology” Visit Landes High End Machining, booth number 20...
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CNC milling stainless steel and High Alloy Steel

One of Landes’ specialist fields is CNC machining difficult to machine metals. High alloy steels, such as stainless steel, are perfect examples. We carry out this kind of CNC machining for numerous industries, which often place their own demands on the steel.

Types of steel

The characteristics of steel are determined mainly by the alloy. High Alloy Steel contains at least 5% other metals. Stainless steel, for example, contains considerable levels of chrome and nickel. Low grade steel has other metals and elements added, such as manganese, molybdenum, silicon and vanadium. The alloy determines the hardness of the steel, for example, as well as the flexibility and resistance to corrosion and influence of acids.

CNC milling

Types of High Alloy Steel, such as stainless steel, are difficult to work. Nevertheless, Landes is able to mill extremely complex shapes in High Alloy Steel, even to micrometre accuracy. We monitor this in our temperature controlled measurement facilities.

Moreover, we have an excellent organisation to support our operation. By linking our different computer systems, we can guarantee 100% traceability. In addition to ISO 9001, Landes also has AQAP and AS 9100 certification.

You come across types of High Alloy Steel in all markets. High levels of chrome and nickel in particular can affect corrosion and chemical resistance. High Cr and Ni levels results in ‘stainless steel’. You also find applications in constructions with high loads and vibrations etc. Machining High Alloy Steel is difficult, and increasing Cr and Ni percentages are making this increasing harder. But Landes is meeting this challenge.

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