• Landes has become a member of the NAG, the Dutch association of suppliers to the aerospace industry

    The NAG is the trade association for national and international organisations established in the Netherlands and active ...
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  • Landes in Chamber of Commerce publication ‘Trendjournaal’

    ‘Production-automation in medium sized enterprises’
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  • Landes wins large contract for manufacturing of Airbus A350-doorsystems

    (press release December 2014) “Landes wins large contract for manufacturing of Airbus A350-doorsystems” Landes High ...
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  • Landes invests in two fully automated Production Cells

    Landes invests in two fully automated Production Cells consisting of a 5-axis Hermle machining centre and a 3-axis DMG m...
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  • Landes continues the contracts for the supply of Airbus A350 components for a period of 3 years!

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  • Landes invests in a Nakamura-Tome WT150II multi-tasking turning machine

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  • Dutch Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert visits Landes

    (press release Februari 2015) “Defence Minister Mrs. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Lower House Member Henk Nijboer vi...
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  • Precision Fair 2019 – Veldhoven

    “The meeting point for international Precision Technology” Visit Landes High End Machining, booth number 20...
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Machining for the semiconductor industry

Modern electronics are becoming increasingly smaller and faster. The calculating power of smart phones, laptops, tablets and all kinds of embedded software is taking us to dizzy heights.

To achieve this speed and capacity chips are getting more complex and smaller. Whereas a few years ago, 50 nanometres was regarded as an ambitious minimum, these days, work is already being done on chips with 25 nanometre technology.

Global market

In the field of chips, the ‘nanometre hunt’ is being led by the Dutch company ASML, the producer of the lion’s share of the machines with which wafers are ‘printed’. (Wafers are thin slices of semiconductor material used in the fabrication of individual chips.) They serve a global market, with customers such as Intel, AMD and Samsung.

The demands on machining

Every part of these chip machines must meet the highest quality requirements. And this is where Landes comes into its own. Via first tier suppliers we supply customer-specific components for these machines.

Several criteria play a role during production:

  • Accuracy: Landes works to micrometre accuracy
  • Quality assurance
  • Clean-room conditions to avoid contamination
  • Flexibility: which we are renown for
  • CNC milling aluminium, titanium and High Alloy Steels.

In short, Landes is a machining company which meets the demands of the semiconductor industry perfectly.

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